This is how our story starts…

Hello! We are Aaron and Kelli Barnett. bub
And this is how our story starts…

We bought our 100+ year old farm house over 10 years ago with grand plans to build it into the house of our dreams. We thought we had all the abilities, time, and money necessary to do just about anything we wanted. (Yes, we were overconfident!) That house…that loveable, drafty, huge, perfect canvas. It was all we had ever wanted. We had room to grow, and endless possibilities. Where other people saw wavy walls and warped floors we saw built-in cabinets and (somewhere deep under layers of living) beautiful wood floors. Then not long after we signed on the dotted line we received the best news we can remember, we had a little one on the way!! Those kinds of blessings are never at the right time and never seem to be convenient, but we didn’t care. We had tried for several years to get pregnant and actually started to believe it might not happen, but that’s not what this story is about. That news shaped everything about us including the way we have built this place. It took us a few years to figure out we could be both good parents, and at the same time, still be devoted to those little adventures that keep us happy and sane. Some of our activities have changed. Instead of kayaking and camping we started painting and building furniture. Instead of going out to eat with our friends we started inviting everyone over for BBQ and cards. While we were figuring it all out the house waited, seemingly always ready for our next idea, next effort, next try, next mistake. It became one of our greatest joys and yet at the same time our most frustrating disappointment. At some points it seemed to be too much for us to handle, at others we couldn’t imagine being any place else. All these years later our response to someone who mentions how much they love our home is always “It’s constantly under construction.” We don’t think we will ever “complete” this house to meet our vision, but it’s about the journey and not the destination.

Why did we think we could handle this adventure? I think it is 3/4 Kelli’s passion, and 1/4 my willingness to try anything…..once. If ideas are a river she is the Amazon, with endless twists and turns sometimes flowing slow and steady and at other times flooding everything near it with too much water to measure. She has designed more paintings, rooms, arts, crafts, and furniture than I can ever create. The reason we work so well? Even though she loves to design, plan and create she also trusts me to complete her vision (or at least try.) She calls me the youtube expert because that’s what I’m really good at (finding information, understanding it, tweaking it.) Although we often succeed in our efforts there are times when I have to tell her, “no, it’s not possible” and she has to tell me, “yes it is so get on with it” but knowing our limits and encouraging one another are just some of the many reasons we work well together.
Two awesome kids and over ten years later we have completed (some successfully and some unsuccessfully) hundreds of projects and we have hundreds more to go. We’ve been sharing our ideas and projects with others for awhile in various formats, but we always get asked to do it in more of a formal way…in a blogging kind of way. We’ve been pondering it awhile now (that’s what we do- we ponder a long while) and have finally decided to leap into the adventure of blogging about our adventures. So here you will find the exploits of our eclectic and unconventional farmhouse including our diy home improvements, home maintenance, furniture repurposing, furniture building, art and craft projects, interior design, culinary arts, gardening and whatever other creative adventures we have the guts and time to take on. Thanks for coming along with us!


P.S. It’s extremely important to mention that also tagging along on our exploits are our two top priorities…Greer and Ella Rose are sometimes willing and sometimes not, but always excellent helpers.

Our Unconventional Farmhouse



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