Ahhh That Painted Rug

When I have mentioned to people that Aaron and I are beginning this blog there are some projects from our archive that we get requests to post about…and this is one. Fear not because we have many new projects in the works, but we will also be creating posts about some of our past hits (and misses) from all our diy projects over the years.

Most of my projects I think about a lot before I begin, but this is not one of them.

Here’s where this one begins…Aaron and I had purchased a huge rug when we first moved into this house in 2002. (Here’s an old photo of Ella Rose sitting on it opening birthday presents a few years back.)


The living room of our old farm house had a floor in such bad shape that we deemed it unable to be sanded and refinished. So, I did what I always do when something is ugly, I painted it. I striped it two shades of green then coated it with polyurethane and we called it finished. However, this was our living room and we had a baby on the way so we needed to soften the room up. On top of the painted floor we laid our new gigantic rug and it was perfect for a long while. (Nice and soft for sweet babies to crawl around on and for parents who spent a lot of time in the floor. Nice and dark to offer much forgiveness- forgiveness from what I don’t want to think about.) However, after years of use by adults, kiddos and pets (yuck), we were over the rug. We had been looking around all over the place for years and couldn’t find a rug we liked enough to pluck down the kinda money you have to give for a rug that size. One day all four of us were sitting in the living room talking about how worn out the rug was and what we should do about it. I hastily made a comment that we should toss it and just paint a rug on the floor. Then my unsuspecting mind got into the shower. When I returned to the living room everyone was sitting right where I had left them acting not suspicious at all and the rug was gone! Aaron, Greer, and Ella Rose (all 40 pounds of her which I’m pretty sure is more than the rug weighed) had moved furniture and hauled it outside while I was showering! Well, I wanted to paint a rug, but I didn’t mean that week!

As you can imagine when a rug has been in place on a painted floor for over a decade the floor below the rug looks different than the floor next to the rug. That meant waiting and planning wasn’t an option.


So the next day I visited Lowe’s and picked out a base color of paint in a grade that can withstand wear and tear. (I asked the guy at the counter about that and he recommended Latex Satin Porch and Floor Grade.) That color was Tidal Pool and it is one of my favorite colors!

taping the floorbase coat

Then I pulled out stencils and paint from my painting stash and got to work. I used a Martha Stewart stencil from Michael’s to do the border. (My handiwork is not perfect- far from it as this was one of my very first experiences with a stencil! But, luckily for me the floor is forgiving.) Then I used some other circular stencils from the same collection to do the inside in a variety of colors.


One of my favorite kinds of paint to use for all sorts of projects is the Valspar color sample paints from Lowe’s. They always have awesome colors that are very cheap in small containers and I paint with them A LOT. I used a stencil brush to lightly paint inside the stencils and believe me if you use the right kind of brush and don’t over douse it with paint then a stencil is easy. The stencil brushes I like best are also from the Martha Stewart line sold at Michael’s on the same isle as the stencils.


painted rug

After the rug had dried out a day I sanded it off in parts to give it that rustic and weathered feel. Then I swept that off and mopped it and thankfully Aaron sealed it with a good polyurethane wood floor sealer because my back was sore!

sealing the floor




All in all this project only took us about four hours of labor. Waiting on it to dry and getting around it to get to our main bathroom was the hardest part! It’s holding up to wear and tear quite well and is definitely something different for our unique home! One day when we get tired of it we can either buy a rug to go on top of it, paint over it, sand it off and start again, or replace the floors (which was on the original to-do list, however now that they are full of personality that may never happen.)
Everyone feels cozy and right at home with our new floor! (Even Clara the spoiled rotten cat!)


I have plans to paint our front porch floor one day when (or if) it ever warms up around here. The wheels are already turning for that project!
painted rug



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