Announcing The Best Of You

Photo Sep 23, 1 13 40 PM
We get messages and emails all the time sharing the awesome things you guys are doing! Because we know you have many great ideas and projects that are worth sharing we have decided to start a new “The Best of You” Section! We want you to send us your projects…big and small that we can share. Don’t be afraid to put it out there! Sometimes the simplest projects are the most rewarding because anyone can do them and they plant the seed of inspiration. The big projects can be great because they make us all go “WOW”, and even though we might not be able to recreate it, we can certainly glean inspiration from it. We want them both, big or small! We would love to see what you’re doing in a variety of categories…home décor, diy, construction, gardening, arts and crafts, kiddo ideas, cooking, canning, handy fix it tips, anything, everything, all those things! Please share and help us build a community of idea sharing! Your ideas can be original or borrowed (the best ones usually are) and both are acceptable!

Photo Sep 23, 1 17 18 PM

Here’s how you contribute:

*Email us at

*Attach photo(s) that are good quality (email the highest resolution you can even if you need to send multiple emails). Don’t stress if the photos are not perfect, ours certainly are not and we know this is a weakness of our blog right now. (It actually held us back from starting for a long while until we changed our mindset to just jump in and figure things out as we go.)

*Answer the following questions: Where did your idea come from? How did you do it? Why do you love it? Are there any websites or people out there we need to link to your post for original idea credit? Tell us a quick blurb about you and where you live. What else do you want to share about it? Don’t feel pressured to fit any kind of format, you can keep it short and sweet or you can be long winded it’s up to you!

*Optional: send us your photo (or one of you and your family) to personalize it.

*Send it in any format you wish and we can tweak it. Don’t be afraid!

Photo Sep 23, 1 19 39 PM

Thanks for helping us meet our goal (sharing the creation of….stuff!)

Happy projecting,
Kelli & Aaron


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