Mummy Lantern Making Pinterest Success

I wish all Pinterest stories were success stories, but unfortunately they are not. There are lots of awesome Pinterest Fail articles circulating out there.

Like this one from Buzzfeed:

And this one from Huffington Post:

And here is a whole website called that has the sole purpose of documenting Pinterest Fails:

However, in the interest of spreading good cheer here is a success story!

I recently became a Girl Scout leader (there’s a whole story there that begins with me and a friend declaring we would never sign up for such a time-consuming task that culminated in us both being co-troop leaders a few weeks later, but that is not the point here) and I needed a quick and easy Halloween craft that would make our first meeting of our brand new troop fun. I needed something I could do with 10 girls, that wouldn’t take too long and would result in something cool so they could get excited about becoming a scout. We originally considered painting pumpkins, but decided we wanted something new. So, I did what all of you would do, I consulted Pinterest. I quickly found a pin with an article from babble titled 25 Ghoulishly Easy Halloween Kids Crafts that gave me some fun ideas.

You can check out that babble article here:

After perusing all of these great ideas I thought mummy lanterns fit the bill. I followed the post and found a great new blog called Crafting a Green World. We like to be as green as possible here at the Unconventional Farmhouse so I can’t wait to go back and read more from this blog. Here is the link to their mummy lantern post and I hope while you’re there you will read other things they have to say:

Although this craft idea isn’t original to us we thought we’d give due credit and share it with our readers too. The craft was simple. First Ella Rose and I did a test run the night before and then all the girls went to town in their meeting. They LOVED it and I would definitely recommend it to all those of you looking for a great Halloween craft.

The materials are packed up and ready for the Girl Scout meeting!

The materials are packed up and ready for the Girl Scout meeting.

For the jars we used:

  • Mason Jars (various sizes)
  • Rolled Gauze (From the local pharmacy first aid isle)
  • Flour
  • Water

In individual bowls the girls mixed flour and water and stirred it with spoons until it was a liquidy paste consistency.  Then each girl took a strip of gauze and dunked it in their bowl until it was completely covered.  They then wrapped their jars with gauze.  It made a mess, but they pushed up their sleeves and got over it quickly.  They laughed when they thought about the fact that it’s the same ingredients they use for cookies!  For these reasons keeping our clothes clean wasn’t a concern.  They then put their mummy on a plate and went and washed their hands.  We didn’t give any dry time before completing the next step.


Messy, messy, messy!

Messy, messy, messy!


For the face we used:

  • Construction Paper (mostly black, but a few wanted to add a twist)
  • Hole Punchers (some wanted to punch out holes to add to their face creations)
  • Elmer’s Glue (squirted onto a plate to share)
  • Small Craft Sticks (to apply glue)
She is getting the face ready.

She is getting the face ready.

Adding her own design.

Adding her own design.

The girls chose whether they wanted creepy, silly, scary, funny or whatever their heart’s desired and they started cutting out faces accordingly. They glued them on with Elmer’s glue. We let them dry overnight and by the end of school the next day they came running at me like a herd of excited Girl Scouts to pick up their mummy lanterns.

Happy girl!

Happy girl!

When they got home they got to have their parents light the tea candle I put inside each one for a mummy lantern effect.  Isn’t it nice when success can be simple?

They look great in a group!

They look great in a group!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Our unconventional mummy lanterns on display.

Our unconventional mummy lanterns on display.

Have a safe and fun Halloween,



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