Bring On 2015


2014-11-26 23.26.32

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



2014-11-26 23.39.28Hello!  We’re back!  With the busy time of year you may not have even noticed we were gone, but we took a “holiday hiatus” so we could celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and get ready to ring in the New Year by focusing on our family.  We breaked from both blogging and blog worthy projects (except food, we created lots of food and we definitely missed some good culinary and libation blogging opportunities.)  However, we’ve had  a relaxed and blessed holiday season.  With that being said we have missed our projects and we have missed our blog and we’re excited to be back.  The project list is long, but we’re excited to jump in and tackle them.  Maybe (just maybe) a few snow days along the way will gift us more time to work on our list.  Regardless, we look forward to creating and sharing in 2015.  In 2014 we launched this blog and for those of you who have been reading all along thanks so much!  For those of you who are new here we look forward to sharing 2015 with you.  We wish you the best in the new year!

We didn’t get Christmas cards created and out this year.  So below is our electronic version of that.  We’re kind of old-fashioned sometimes and love getting and receiving Christmas cards the old-fashioned way.  However, it takes so much time to get them ready, printed, addressed, mailed and it is so expensive.  Not to mention the trees that are sacrificed for the process.  So…in the spirit of simplifying this Christmas to focus more on our family and the real reason for the season we proudly present to you our electronic holiday wishes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Aaron, Kelli, Greer & Ella Rose Barnett


2014-11-26 23.32.04

See you in 2015!

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